What is Scubajet?

Single Jet-Engine - multiple possibilities

Water sports are a great way to exercise, but in life, it’s all about choices. SCUBAJET took the challenge and brings some of the most popular aquatic activities to the next level. The flexible engine for stand up paddle boards, canoes, dinghies, diving and even yachting turns almost any existing equipment into powerful electric water sports gear within seconds. The water sports gear allows you to make decisions based on individual needs or habits by combining motor power and paddling.

Feel safe, Explore, Get equipped

Always ready to take you back to shore, Find your perfect spot to enjoy, One engine fits all

Jet Engine


360° water intake

For optimal efficiency the jet-engine is equipped with a 360° water intake.

High performance

The watercooled hitech engine can provide up to 3.1 kW performance.

Powersafe technology

Our powersafe technology adjusts dynamically the performance and gives you a long battery lifetime up to 1.5 hours.

Motor mappings

You can select between different motor mappings. For example the SUP mapping offers an assist-mode where you can continue your sportive acitivity while making you three times faster!

Removable battery

The SmartPower Technology guarantees extraordinary long battery life up to 1.5 hours

You can even take an extra battery pack with you and easily replace it if you want to stay longer on the water.

Remote control

Our easy to use plug&play system allows you to start, stop and select different speeds while using it on the water.

The SCUBAJET can be easily controlled by the water resistant remote control. The motor also shuts off automatically if the remote control is some meters apart from the engine.


The power unit is completely emission-free and barely audible, so you can use it on protected waters without ruining the peace and quiet.

  • 7,2cm diameter

    Optimized diameter to make it as portable as possible.

  • 58cm length

    Fits in every backbag.

  • 3kg weight

    Powerful engine with almost zero weight.

... different Adapters enable different possibilities

Ready to go

within a few seconds


The Adapter-System gives you many possibilites

The innovative adapter system offers various possibilities to use SCUBAJET on any imaginable water sports equipment. Take your existing board or equipment and easily extend it with SCUBAJET. We provide adapters for almost every existing water sports gear.

Until now we support and provide adapters for the following vendors:

You didn’t find your adapter?

Please contact us and inform us about the manufacturer and we’ll put it on our adapter request list.

... More benefits for more fun

Additional benefits

Eco mode

The power unit is completely emission-free and barely audible, so you can use it on protected waters without ruining the peace and quiet.

Power mode

Short sprints are perfect for high speed fun on the water or even getting back to shore safely when the weather turns stormy.

Auto switch-off

SCUBAJET provides safe usage for kids by an automatic power off. The auto shut off system stops the engine immediately if you fall into the water.

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